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Welcome dear traveller. 

My name is Linda De Anglis and I am the wanderer behind Destination Serendipity.


Let me tell you my story.

Where it all began


I’ve been a traveller since 1974 when we went to Europe for an epic family adventure.  From the very minute we left Sydney Australia I was so excited to be on this journey.  I was captivated looking out the plane window by the stunning Aegean & Ionian Seas as we flew into Europe.  Then as if on some magic carpet ride, I saw the boot of Italy.  It was mesmerising to see the Colosseum & St Peter’s Basilica towering out of Rome like two giant souvenirs.  At Fiumicino Airport, an interesting note, from my travel diary says we had to produce our vaccination booklets to enter Italy!  


I’ve loved to travel & explore the world ever since.  We went on so many more family holidays, my heritage being Australian Italian.  My name is Linda Angelos, this of course is my pen name, however it’s a family name too, in Latin it means angelic messenger, so I hope my blog gives you good memories & information about travel.


About my professional career


Having been in the travel industry for over 30 years, I’ve worked in all aspects of the industry. My first job was in a busy office representing smaller global airlines.  In those days ticketing & reservations was a very manual process, with telex, fax & ticket machines, non-stop phones, paperwork & labour-intensive reservation systems. I’ve worked for Hawaiian Airlines, Airlanka (now Srilankan), AER Lingus & Air Malta. In the years to follow I continued working for airlines including THAI International. I’ve worked as travel agent & for ground operators gaining valuable itinerary planning, customer service & operation system skills.  It’s been a pleasure to be sent on trips & organise many bespoke specialist small groups to the Indian Sub-Continent, Indochina, Southeast Asia & arrange endless worldwide trips for travellers.  It’s a challenging but rewarding job looking after people’s travel dreams. In my career I’ve won quite a few sales awards too.


The last few years I have been a travel planner organising worldwide luxury yacht & canal boat charters.  In travel you get to work with the most amazing global teams. I was fortunate to attend the Le Boat launch & tour in the Rideau Canal, Ontario, Canada in 2017 representing the Australasian team.  It was also a pleasure & honour to be sent on other trips including Cruising in Venice, Italy aboard a beautiful Le Boat charter, sailing in Corfu, Greece & Palma Da Mallorca, Spain aboard the gorgeous Moorings & Sunsail catamarans.

"Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else."

- Lawrence Block

The Blog Destination Serendipity


Serendipity is the fortune of finding a positive surprise by chance.


During this pandemic while international travel is currently in hibernation for most, I’ve decided to begin my travel blog to “Destination Serendipity”.  A blog about the happy surprises you discover as you travel on life’s journey.


The blog for travellers who love discover happiness on their journeys.  Have you ever felt the best memories of a trip are the unexpected things you find?  Think about the marvellous meal you have by just following a beautiful aroma down a historic street that leads you to a rustic restaurant.  Perhaps you meet people on a trip, discover you have so much in common & you stay lifelong friends. Or going to a town & find the museum has a visiting collection of your favourite genre of history.  That’s finding a serendipitous travel moment in time.


Welcome aboard "Destination Serendipity", I wish you joy, peace & prosperity on this journey.


Linda De Angelis

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